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Keyword Supremacy by Todd Spears and Herc Magnus is an easy-to-use software that does affiliate, local and eCom keyword research like no other tool can. The best thing about it is that you’ll be billed for what you actually use. So no recurring bills!

The Beta Testing of the software was being done since a long time and now you have the latest version ready. We’re not only reviewing this product but also providing you extensive information on bonuses that are being offered.

One thing really amazing about Keyword Supremacy (KWS) is its powerful local search capability. If you’ve ever tried before, you already know that research for local search terms is very tough and it has become even tougher with changes made in Google Keyword Tool Planner. So no need to worry as KWS makes local search super simple for you.

Top Priorities Of Todd Spears and Herc Magnus are:

* Uncover new and creative ways to uncover highly profitable hidden keyword gems
* Provide standard keyword research at a fraction of price
* Provide a user friendly keyword tool that delivers “local marketing” keyword research
* Offer excellent customer support, training and user experience

Keyword Supremacy Review

Keyword Supremacy has numerous features that you’ll find in any keyword tool, but with this tool you also get Micro Niche Finder, Long Tail Pro, Web Traffic Travis and many other features. It pulls hundreds of search phrases from Google, and consists of attributes you’ve actually never ever seen prior to. By inclusion of %age right next to search phrase, for instance, you can get key phrases that no other keyword research tool can give you.

With Keyword Supremacy it’s possible for you to research by specific State, City or even minimum population! Isn’t that great?
Keyword Supremacy’s launch is being planned for Oct 13, 2016, so you would be able to use this great keyword research tool soon.

Keyword Supremacy Review– Dashboard

The KWS keyword is very simple and easy to navigate, as it has big bold buttons that can get you where you want to go. You’ll find there’s a separate tab for support so you can contact them anytime you need it. No doubt, you’ll find that both Todd Spears and Herc Magnus do excellent support! Next you navigate to Keyword Search Dashboard.

Let’s Now Navigate to Keyword Search

Here you can decide on ways to conduct your research. What you’ll see the top submenu are several choices on HOW you want to conduct your search:

* Search Now
* My Saved Searches
* Buy More Credits
* Get Support

You have a wide choice of the search engines:

* Local
* Google
* YouTube
* Yahoo

If you monetize your sites for eCommerce, you can even search for some keyword suggestions from widely popular eCom search engines:

* Ebay
* Amazon
* Alibaba

Everybody sells “flashlights” on eCom stores…..but did you know “bike flashlights” or “survival flashlights” are just a killer? Keyword Supremacy can show you each niche in the market with the way competition is doing making it supre easy for you to find newest eCom products.

Important Note: The ability of KWS to search various eCom Engines is certainly a BIG feature, so if you want to research for your eCommerce products you can use it for your benefit.

Keyword Research Review-Decide the way you want to Conduct your Keyword Session

Get Niche Ideas with Keyword Supremacy

Want a good niche idea? If yes, then KWS offers you a simple way to find fresh keywords for any CPA or affiliate site. Even tough ones like “weight loss” become a breeze when you use its 4Attach approach to keyword scraping. Just use its wildcard symbol to explore possibilities. In fact, you can continue to dig deeper (even in the hardest affiliate markets) by moving wildcard symbol (%) to scrape either beginning, middle, or end besides keywords to find tons of promising keywords in any niche! This unique and highly useful feature is worth the price of this tool alone!

Keyword Supremacy Review- Metrics

There are some really great metrics built into this system. Once you choose keywords, you can easily move on to getting your metrics. The following are available:

• LMS (Local Monthly Search)
• GMS (Global Monthly Search)
• CPC (Cost Per Click)
• Top 10 Analysis
• CMP (Competition)
• Domain Availability

You’ll get access to more than 300 niche keywords to work with. Since this kind of research can be bit overwhelming, you can easily use its advanced filters to get the keywords that strictly meet your criteria. You can choose from:

• Global Monthly Searches
• Competition
• Cost per click
• Local Monthly Searches

The Only Keyword Reserch Tool that Does Local Keyword Research

This can certainly be your FAVORITE feature! Want to look up for a keyword each for all cities in Washington with population of 200k-400k for “emergency electrician” or “doggy daycare”?

Done!…… with merely a click of a button, KWS can provide you local research for each Province/State and city in the US and Canada. It’s coming soon with keyword research facility for Ireland, UK, New Zealand and Australia.


* eCom and Affiliate research made easy-It’s not only important to rank your site on search engine result page for relevant search terms, but equally important is to rank on top positions on the first page. So Keyword Supremacy will surely help you get there.

* Local research made super easy-Researching terms for local SEO has always been tough. It has been made tougher with changes made in Google Keyword Tool Planner. But now there’s no need to worry because this keyword research software delivers you easy-to-use local marketing keyword research.

* Competition metrics-Knowing your competitors and their weaknesses and strengths can help you uncover many opportunities in the marketplace. KWS has this built into the software and makes it easy to do.

With a mere click of a switch (Get All Metrics), you can instantly see the Global as well as Regional Search Volume, the expense for each click if you want to go for Google Ads, or the extent of competition that demonstrates how touch or easy a keyword is to place.

*Niche drill downs-Using Keyword Supremacy, you can do “deep” inside your niche and pull out all profitable keywords that you might have not thought otherwise.

* Power of 6 keyword engines-Though Google is the king but there are many other search engines. Keyword Supremacy software has you covered!

Keyword Supremacy Review – Packages

Keck Package – 65 credits- $47.00
Hubble Package – 150 credits-$97.00
Spitzer Package – 400 credits- $197.00
PRO Ecom Search Engines Package- $97.00

Keyword Supremacy Bonus:

You get 10 bonuses:

• Secret Traffic Goldmine
• Traffic Lockdown
• IFTTT SEO Academy
• Long Tail University Introduction
• Free Four -Part Six-Figure Training
• Content Marketing Mastery
• 7 Minute Articles
• Source University
• Backlink Profit Monster
• Private Network 2.0 Course

You can also choose 1 Universe bonus package up to $73000.


Keyword Supremacy is one of the best keyword research tools that offers you best bang for your buck. It’s quite different than similar tools available on the market. It can help you rule your niche without much investment. There are exciting bonuses in the package, and the offer comes with full 30 days money back guarantee. So go ahead and buy this money spinner package today!